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In Need of Hearing Aid Repair?

We’ve all been there; we look down at our watch to see what time it is and the hands haven’t moved in hours. Dead battery? Maybe. Or maybe your timepiece needs to be repaired. The same is true for hearing aids. While there are times when all it takes is a simple battery replacement, there are other times when something else may be wrong with your aids.

Sad but true, nothing lasts forever. (Except maybe roaches; they’ve been around for millions of years.) Even someone who has taken the best of care of their hearing aids, could run into issues. Lucky for you, Ears 4 U in Nashville has the knowledge to diagnose, and in some cases, fix your hearing aid(s) in the office.  

Dr. Ronald Sheffey, professional audiologist at Ears 4 U, explains that hearing aids are made up of many tiny working parts, so needing a repair on one of the parts is not uncommon. It could be something as simple as ear wax or debris interfering with the battery’s performance, or even the battery door becoming unhinged. Those are both examples of small repairs that can be done in-house.

Other, more complex repairs, will need to be shipped back to the manufacturer to be fixed. Sound expensive? Don’t worry. Most hearing aids come with a warranty. If your warranty is expired, however, many manufacturers will repair your hearing aid(s) for a small fee and then give you a new one year warranty. What a deal.

And here’s another great deal for you. Even if you didn’t purchase your hearing aid(s) at Ears 4 U, if you are a current customer of theirs, Dr. Sheffey will gladly try to repair them. Ears 4 U is professionally trained to service most major brands. But remember, no matter which audiologist you take your hearing aids to to be looked at, they still may need to be sent back to the manufacturer.

So there you go...next time your hearing aid is on the fritz, obviously change out the battery to make sure if its a quick fix or not. If that doesn’t work, drop by Ears 4 U and have Dr. Ronald Sheffey take a look at it. It may be covered by a warranty or there may be a small fee. Either way, when you leave his office, he will have you hearing birds, traffic, country music, and all the other great sounds of Nashville.