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Ears 4 U's Top 10 List

Ears 4 U’s Top 10 List

Okay everyone, The Late Show with David Letterman has been off the air for a few weeks now so just in case you are having withdrawals from hearing his nightly Top 10 List, Ears 4 U in Nashville, Tennessee presents…

The Top 10 Reasons to Make an Appointment with Dr. Sheffey This Summer

#10 Have your current hearing aid(s) checked to make sure it is still working properly and adjusted to your hearing needs. Repairs, maintenance and cleaning are just a few of the services Ears 4U offers to keep your hearing aid working at its optimum performance.

#9 If your hearing aid is broken, most repairs can be done quickly in the office while you wait. Ears 4U works on most brands and if they are still under warranty there will be no charge. If not, the charge is minimal. They want you to hear clearly.

#8 Highly respected in the Nashville community as an audiologist, Dr. Ronald Sheffey has been in business for 25 years (since 1990) and has won the hearts of his patients both young and old because of his fantastic bedside manner.

#7 You feel all plugged up like you are driving through a mountain range or up in an airplane. Ears 4U can perform earwax removal and ohhh how much better you will be able to hear after that!

#6 Ears 4 U does not just sell you a hearing aid and then be done with you. Providing exceptional service and care, they first give you a hearing evaluation, then if needed, you get fitted for a hearing aid, next you will receive counseling and education on your new aids, and finally, there is follow-up and maintenance.

#5 Do you like to keep up with Joneses? Well, Ears 4U offers only the best manufacturers of hearing aids, like ReSound, Starkey, Unitron, Sonic, and more.

#4 Twice a year you go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. You make an appointment each year to have your eyes examined to keep your eyeglass prescription up to date. You visit another doctor yearly for a “girly” physical (pap and breast exam), and you visit yet another doctor for your yearly physical (blood pressure, cholesterol screening,etc.). Don’t you think your hearing is important too? I sure do. Next time you make one of your yearly appointments, make one to see Audiologist Dr. Sheffey at  the same time and get it all done.

#3 Are you a fashionista? Hearing aids (as well as ear monitors that a musician would wear) come in a variety of colors, not to mention, if you have an in ear hearing aid, people may not even notice it is there (no more ear trumpets:-)

#2 Ears 4 U sells custom In-Ear Monitors so the musician in you can safely rock out in Music City!

and the #1 reason why you should make an appointment with Audiologist, Dr. Ronald Sheffey this summer is…so that you if you are having problems hearing, you can get fitted for a hearing aid and be able to hear all that summertime in Nashville has to offer: live music, children laughing, concerts in the park and birds.

Okay, truth be told, I could have made the list of reasons to make an appointment at Ears 4 U in Nashville this summer much longer. However, staying true to Mr. Letterman, I stuck with just ten. If you really want to see how great an audiologist Dr. Sheffey is, you’ll have to make an appointment and experience him for yourself. Please check out his website at www.ears4u.net today for more information.