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4 Signs You Need to See an Audiologist

Elderly Man with Hearing Loss

Healthy hearing is one of the greatest gifts of all, and you must take responsibility to keep yours in the best condition at all times. Over 50 million Americans struggle with ear-related issues, and it’s not just senior citizens that need to pay attention. Young adults and children can be at huge risk too.

As with most health issues, acting sooner rather than later will give you a far better shot at gaining the right treatment and management support. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it may be time to book an appointment with your audiologist.

Sudden hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons. You may have been exposed to a loud noise at work or due to a nearby explosion. Or you may have suffered an injury or trauma that has resulted in an instant change to your hearing profile.

It may be tempting to ignore it for a few days and see if normality returns. In truth, though, the audiologist can test your hearing and prescribe medications or discuss alternative treatment options.  In some cases, it may be as simple as clearing the ear of excess wax. Either way, the audiologist is the best person to provide the necessary support.

Gradual hearing loss

While hearing loss can occur on an instant basis, it is far more common for the problems to develop over time. This can be related to age, continued exposure to loud noises, and other medical conditions. The audiologist can examine your hearing profile in a comprehensive fashion to determine the type and severity of hearing loss.

Hearing loss is commonly treated with hearing aids, but you may find that medications, therapy, and alternative solutions are also used throughout. The longer you leave it undetected, the wore this hearing loss will become. Do not let this become a bigger problem than it already is.

Vertigo, tinnitus, and balance issues

Healthy ears aren’t only reliant on your ability to hear things clearly. Tinnitus is another common issue, which is usually characterized by ringing and buzzing despite no external sound source. This can be an intermittent or continued problem and is a symptom of underlying issues that need to be treated ASAP.

Like tinnitus, vertigo and balance issues can have an almost debilitating impact on your life. If any of these issues have started to appear, seeing an audiologist is the only way to get the right treatment and restore a sense of normality.

Lifestyle changes

Sometimes in life, it’s very easy to dismiss health issues, particularly as the body is so quick to adapt. Therefore, you may find that you notice changes in your daily life rather than actively spotting any changes to your hearing capabilities.

The list of items to look out for includes; avoiding loud places, struggling to follow group conversations, turning the TV or radio up higher than you are used to, and missing phone calls or door alarms. When these issues begin to surface, it’s vital that you book an appointment with the audiologist at the earliest stage. It’s better to be safe than sorry.