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Welcome to Ears4U

Ears4U is dedicated to providing high quality hearing health care and hearing conservation solutions. Our team takes pride in providing comprehensive state-of-the-art care for individuals of all ages. We promise to provide you with outstanding patient care and access to cutting edge technology to help you hear your best. Satisfaction and improvement in quality of life is our top priority. We will guide you through the important steps to improve your hearing and get you back to enjoying all facets of your daily life and relationships.

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"Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people."

What to expect during your appointment?


The Interview

Your hearing needs are as individual you. We will take as much times as needed to understand how you live and how you feel you are hearing. It is a priority that we understand where you hear great and when you are struggling. In this way we can customize a solution just for you. 

The Exam

Hearing loss can be caused by something as simple as too much ear wax! It can also be a more complex problem. We will review the physical health of your ears as well as test how you hear at a variety of different tones and volumes. We will also test how clearly you are hearing speech and how much we can improve your connection with loved ones! 

The Solutions

If hearing loss is found, our Doctor of Audiology will discuss the multitude of options available and customize a solution that will best suit your lifestyle, hearing difficulty, and cosmetic preferences.

The Relationship

Simply put.... We are here for you!

Our Services

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Start Hearing Better Today

Continued support and solutions is critical for long term hearing success. For as long as you need us we will always strive to go above and beyond to support all of your hearing needs. no matter how large or small the issue we are always just a call away. A big wedding on the horizon or unique event. Call us and we will be sure you are hearing your best for all the special days and every day in between. 

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